What is InfBase?

InfBase is a drop-in helpdesk for year-1 and year-2 students to get additional tutoring and support with their courses.

InfBase tutors are selected on the basis of expertise and coverage, offering support and advice on core pre-honours courses in Informatics. In addition to supporting drop-in assistance, InfBase can be used as a place to work together with other students, with support from an InfBase tutor.


InfBase will run as normal but will transition to online sessions, starting from Monday, March 16. That means that tutors will be available during their usual sessions times (see schedule below) using Blackboard collaboration platform. It’s pretty much like Skype and you can ask private questions and get private feedback from your tutor. In addition, we’re running a Piazza form called InfBase2020 (Course-ID: “IB2020”).

The link to the Blackboard sessions is this one:


Click here for more information on InfBase online sessions and the Piazza forum.

That page will be updated as necessary. It is the first time InfBase moves to online sessions, so please apologize for any issues and tell the tutors if you experience any issues. It is extremely important for us and the School to keep InfBase running during the shutdown and to provide excellent support.

How does InfBase work?

InfBase supports student learning by providing answers to questions when you need them, by having several tutors whose expertise covers all core pre-honours courses:

  • Year 1 students (Semester 2):
    • Inf1—Object Oriented Programming
    • Cognitive Science
  • Year 2 students (Semester 2):
    • Inf2—Algorithms and Data Structures
    • Inf2B—Learning
    • Inf2D—Reasoning and Agents

Drop into any of the sessions (schedule below), you don’t have to sign up in advance but committing regularly can help you pace your course work.

During sessions, tutors may collect and post resources to help you repeating and learning.

InfBase location and opening times

InfBase is in room 7.03 of Appleton tower, and is staffed for several hours from Monday through Friday during the normal semester (Weeks 3-11) and during revision week. See the detailed schedule below for when tutors with specific expertise will be present.


The schedule lists all the InfBase sessions from Week 3 on. Green cells indicate that this tutor can help with the course in the respective column.

InfBase runs:

  • from week 3 to week 11,
  • and in revision week.
  • infbase 2019_20-S2 schedule - Sheet1

All sessions will be in Appleton tower AP 7.03, running for 1h. No need to sign up but please be flexible if the session turns out to be full. The room has around 12 workplaces.

Contact and Organization

Benjamin Bach, bbach@inf.ed.ac.uk




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